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5 Foods for Healthy Eyes

You've probably heard that carrots and other orange-colored fruits and vegetables promote eye health and protect vision, and it's true: Beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A that gives these foods their orange hue, helps the retina and other parts of the eye to function smoothly.

But eating your way to good eyesight isn't only about beta-carotene. Though their connection to vision isn't as well-known, several other vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy eyes. Make these five foods a staple of your diet to keep your peepers in tip-top shape.

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India To Secure Your Car

Vehicles are rolling out day-to-day. We are in need of ultimate comfort in our journey thus opting for cars. When you search for Top 10 Cars in India you are also ought to search for Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India. Here are the list of best car insurance companies you could go for with your brand new car or your favorite one you have.

10. Tata AIG General Insurance

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The Group TATA best of the best Indian brand to the world has marked its impact in car insurance world. Tata AIG offers you the best car insurance rates that makes this car insurance company to occupy a position in Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India. This top rated car Insurance Company offers a variety of add-ons to its customer with world class service to your car.

9. Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance

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Bajaj Allianz is one of the fastest growing best car insurance companies in India. Being founded in 2001. Bajaj Allianz has made the 100 crore profit in just 2 years with most from car insurance, which is the best among the insurers in the world. This has made Bajaj Allianz as the top rated best car insurance company in India. This can be achieved only through the reliability and thus scored millions in customer minds and service.

8. Royal Sundaram General Insurance

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Royal Sundaram General Insurance covers best car insurance for your car with their best policies. This is also one of the Royal companies in the market as per its name. Their process of Car Insurance could be completed within 2 working days that makes the people feel free to go for it among the top car insurance companies.

7. Oriental Insurance

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Oriental Insurance is the Government aided Top 10 Car Insurance company in India. As per their caption of “Heaven Light Our Guide” it serves as one of the promising guide for many luxury car owners. It may choose you if you check their best car insurance rates they offer.

6. Bharti-Axa General Insurance

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Bharti-Axa General Insurance offers the best car insurance rates and among the Top 10 Car Insurance companies in India. They offers hassle free process and render customer the best service. They have their own policy about the coverage of damage that comes under car insurance and also those that doesn’t.

5. New India Assurance

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New India Assurance is the Government aided Multi-National Company that has 22 branches across the world. This has been one of the top rated car insurance companies and among the Top 10 Car Insurance companies in India. You can go with confidence for your car to get the best insurance in the world.

4. HDFC Ergo Motor Insurance

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HDFC continues in retaining the top position in all type of insurance starting from life till car. This HDFC ergo offers one of the best car insurance rates that could make you to go for it with your favourite car. HDFC Ergo doesn’t hassle customers with very long procedures as they have short and easy procedures and also provides you the renewal facility in online too.

3. United India Insurance Company

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United India Insurance is also one of the best car insurance companies, since it is aided by Government of India. People opt for this car insurance company in great hopes and get satisfied by its service. This car insurance company has the highest claim paying capacity.

2. ICICI Lombard Car Insurance

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ICICI Lombard car insurance is one of the top rated car insurance private sector that proves the excellency in service to people. This holds the second among the Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India. This is because they stood at number 1 in customer satisfaction. They too offer the best car insurance rates for people. In survey 2013, ICICI Lombard is the “The Best Recommended Company” for car insurance.

1. National Insurance Company

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This government undertaking car insurance company is one of the best car insurance companies in India and also considered as the top among the top 10 car insurance companies. Started in 1906, NIC is one of the oldest and best car insurance companies in India. It has a greatest record on claim settlement to its customers which proves its quality and encourages you to go for it of being a top rated car insurance company in India.

Women's History Month: My Favorite Novels About Unforgettable Leading Ladies

Did you know Women's History Month officially begins in March? And in just a couple days, on March 3, we will celebrate 100 years since women suffragists marched on Washington, asking for the right to vote.
My book club this month will be taking up a couple of books that deal specifically with the questions of what it means to be a woman in our modern world. How competing factors like careers, marriage, children, friends, social expectations, etc., influence and inform our decisions every minute of every day. It's a mad and frenzied and marvelous balancing act that is expected of us!
In honor of this month, I've been thinking a lot about one of my favorite topics -- women who took on history and welcomed the opportunity to play the parts of leading ladies in their times. My past blogs have covered some of these women.
Today I am thinking specifically about some of the strong female characters who have been featured and memorialized in literature. I've come up with a list of fiction and nonfiction books that unfold around these characters. Women who weathered adversity ranging from the intimate to the epic. Women who led and loved and lost. Women who inspired us then, and inspire us now. Women who, by the time you reach the back cover, have come to feel like old friends. Friends who remain with you long after you put the book back on the shelf.
This list is by no means exhaustive. But my thought was, since March is Women's History Month, perhaps this is the best time of all to go back and get reacquainted with some of these women. And so here's my hit list of some of my favorite books based around unforgettable leading ladies (this awards-show-esque list-making also ties in nicely with the Oscars, now that I think about it!). If you have your own list of this sort, I'd love to hear from you.
1. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte: One of my favorite books of all-time. I always wonder if I would have the internal fortitude to make it through just one day in Jane's life, let alone an entire lifetime. I love that, after an existence spent in haunted mansions and on ferocious moor lanscapes, Jane does eventually get her "happy ending," but that it's not picture perfect. It's messy and complicated and real. And, best of all, it's on her terms and does not require her to compromise her own scruples.
2. The Language of Flowers, by Vanessa Diffenbaugh: The relationship between Victoria and her foster mom, Elizabeth, is both heartbreaking and uplifting. And Diffenbaugh's language is as vivid and fresh and original as the floral bouquets that feature so cleverly into her plot.
3. Cleopatra: A Life, by Stacy Schiff: History has certainly had much to say on the life of this formidable and enchanting Egyptian Queen, but Stacy Schiff takes a cerebral and fact-based approach that brings the Ptolemaic monarch and her ancient world to life. By the end of Schiff's book, you feel certain that the most seductive thing about Cleopatra was not her Elizabeth-Taylor-esque physique or her bewitching serpentine accessories -- it was her mind.
4. Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution, by Michelle Moran: Before the global phenomenon of Paul McCartney and Beyonce-shaped-wax figurines, there was a modest artist in Paris struggling to make a living by her unique talent for sculpting. Moran traces the life of this shrewd survivor, painting a picture of the woman who came to be known as "Madame Tussaud," and detailing how she survived both the Revolution and her troublesome friendship with the condemned royal family by using her craft and her wits.
5. The Dovekeepers, by Alice Hoffman: I was transported to the hills of Judea and the stark desert landscape of ancient Israel in this epic story of the siege of Masada, and the four women who grew close in the last days before the Romans razed their town. To put a modern word into an ancient context -- these Hebrew women can perhaps best be described as "bad-ass."
6. Tess of the d'Ubervilles, by Thomas Hardy: If you ever want to see how far women, and men, have come, take a journey back in time to Industrial Era England with this story. It will devastate you and crush your spirits, even as you watch Tess refuse to be devastated or crushed.
7. Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books, by Azar Nafisi: Any woman who has ever savored the distinct pleasures of a female book club, relished the opportunity to confide in a trusted sister or friend, or drawn much-needed strength from the indelible spirits of the women around her will be deeply moved by this account of life in Iran. These women connect, first, because of their shared love of forbidden books. But that's only the beginning of this poignant and complicated tale.
8. Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott: A lifelong favorite. I think every woman sees a bit of herself in at least one of the indelible March sisters, and very likely in all four.
9. The Awakening, by Kate Chopin: I've been haunted by this book ever since I chose it for my senior thesis in high school. This book is about so much more than just a loveless marriage and a woman's slow and inevitable march toward adultery. And you will never feel the same about swimming in an ocean again!
10. Memoirs of a Geisha. by Arthur Golden: This book is a journey back to the lost world of Japan in the years before and during World War II. While the language is wistful and delicate, the spirit of its heroine, Sayuri, is tenacious and indelible.
11. The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne: No examination of strong women in literature would be complete without a nod to Hester Prynne. Just look at how that woman loves honestly and bravely and, in doing so, puts the hypocritical men of her society to shame.
12. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain: Ernest Hemingway's account may have been the one that reigned for decades, but Hadley Hemingway is finally getting her turn to tell the story. And it turns out that, though her name is the lesser known of the two, she's the real strength in that partnership.
13. And, last but definitely not least, Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. I'm not even going to try to say anything original about the one and only Scarlett O'Hara. She's just someone that you need to know. I wouldn't necessarily want her as a friend, per se, but I sure love to watch her do her thing.
OK, that's the list. I could keep going, but I promised to keep it (sort of) short.
And, actually, now that I think of it...I need to thank all of the women who have led me to these books. Women who have recommended books to me, discussed books with me, sought out great stories with me. My mother, my sisters, my friends, my mother-in-law, my teachers. You all, like these characters, are precious to me in a million ways.

Why Everyone Should Read More Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre long-dismissed by many as "for nerds," conjuring up the image of a glasses-wearing, pasty-faced, video-game-playing introvert. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. Between us, we've got those categories nailed.) Some think of pulpy movies from the 1960s, featuring silver lycra-clad girls and UFOs on strings. Some say visions of the future mean nothing to teens more interested in their own lives. But it's never been cooler to be a nerd, and science fiction is enjoying a long-overdue comeback. From Doctor Who to Pacific Rim, fans of the genre are enjoying a renaissance of science fiction books, movies and TV--and they're not taking those dismissals lying down. Science fiction matters, and the fans know it.
A true science fiction fan already knows exactly how to argue against the traditional dismissals. There's a difference between pulp and SF--just as there's a difference between schlock horror and Stephen King. By proposing possible visions of the future, science fiction asks questions of us--of humanity, of Earth, of individuals--that we wouldn't ordinarily ask ourselves. Who are we? Where are we going? Does what we do today matter? Real science fiction is as close to an intense discussion of philosophy as you can get while still reading fast-paced, page-turning fiction. And it doesn't always give us the answers. Sometimes it leaves us to answer those questions ourselves, and that discussion is one readers of all stripes relish.
Which leads us to the most baffling assumption of all about science fiction: that it will go right over the heads of today's teenagers. Part of this stems from the (regrettable, but true) fact that the majority of young adult fiction readers are female, and girls aren't supposed to like science fiction. Try telling that to the girls and women of all ages embracing science fiction fandom at every level. Part of it is because adults still have an inexplicable tendency to assume that young people can't, or don't wish to, understand things beyond their immediate realm of personal experience.
A few years ago an article popped up on The Wall Street Journal criticizing the young adult genre for being too dark, and for addressing subjects teens weren't ready to understand. It resulted in a knock-down drag-out fight on the internet as authors and readers leapt to the genre's defense. Supporters of young adult fiction pointed out that for some teens struggling with dark issues, these "ever-appalling" books were the only place they could look for answers. These fictional characters were the only ones troubled teens could turn to in order to figure out their own lives.
Science fiction in the young adult genre serves this same purpose. The extreme popularity of young adult fiction in general among readers of all ages is linked with the universality of the teenage experience. We all remember what it was like to be that age; to wonder who we were, whether we mattered, whether we were alone in the things we struggled with every day. Teenagers are constantly changing who they are, deciding who they want to be. As adults, it's hard to change. But teens are just discovering themselves, and they do that by asking those very questions that make some people think YA fiction is too dark.
Science fiction asks those same questions, just on a larger scale: what does it mean to be human? What's our place in the universe? Do we matter?
Are we alone?
In an age where science fiction television shows like Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica are huge favorites among teenage audiences, it's a bit silly to keep on thinking that young adult readers have no interest in science fiction. If anything is, and always will remain, relevant and important for young people to read about, to talk about, to dream about, it's the future. All our futures. Bleak futures and hopeful futures. The plausible, the impossible, and everything in between. Keep them thinking, keep them asking questions.
Keep them looking around and asking themselves, "Who am I? And who do I want to be?"
Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner are the authors of the new book These Broken Stars

Top Foods for Your Eye Health

Eyes are the mirror of mind. So it should be protected at anyway and any cost. Natural foods are the best way to keep eyes perfectly. Here are foods for keeping the eye health strong and hassle free. These items can be easy prepared and consumed daily for keeping the eyes strong and clean.
Spinach is considered as the kind of green leaves. Due to presence of lutein in adequate amount it is very effective for eyes. Lutein is a carotenoid substance that gives protection to the cell from damaging. For shielding retina by this lutein eyes can be away from macular degeneration and cataract.
Fish with Fatty Acid
Fishes with fatty acid are very effective for eye health. In fact, Salmon contain DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) which is primary omega- 3 fatty acid and highly responsible to keep eye strong. This nutrient protects retina (inner layer of the eyeball) from plaque to cause macular degeneration.
Grapes are marvelous food to protect ocular health. Most of the time high blood pressure can cause macular degradation. As grapes are great source of anthocyanin which can reduce blood pressure and develop the flowing of blood. As a result retina gets sufficient oxygen without any blockage.

From green to black, tea holds good amount of cataract preventing properties. Besides it boosts macular health from deterioration. The growth of new blood vessels is stimulated by consuming tea.

Orange bell pepper
It is the super source of zeaxanthin (yellow carotenoid) alone with other carotenoid. The presence of zeaxanthin and lutein are the carotene that the risk of macular degeneration and cataract can be reduced. It also contains vitamin A that prevents night blindness.

Soya is the newly invented food that contains isoflavones. It is a property of antioxidant which keeps the eyes from cataract problem. It also restores tears which help to prevent dry eye syndrome.

HAD is the great source of lutein and zeaxanthin named two omega-3 fatty acid. So it is really effective for boosting ocular health from several hazards.

Carrot, Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoes
It is needless to say that all the deep orange and yellow vegetables contains sufficient amount of beta carotene. These vegetables help to boost night vision along with prevention of macular degeneration and retina destruction.

Garlic and Onion
It is highly need to produce glutathione which can be possible by consuming Sulphur rich onion and garlic. This element acts on lens as an antioxidant. It is highly recommended to eat these items for preventing optical problems like macular destruction, glaucoma, cataract etc.
Last not least, no medicinal drops and medicines are required if this foods are consumed in regular basis.

Let’s enjoy with your beautiful eyes…!!!  “Eye is the mirror of the world!!!”

Articled by : Ruby

Marketing Healthy Food; a Response to Health Food Elitism

The elitism surrounding the health food movement is a barrier to health food marketers and will be until it becomes reasonable for a busy family to be able to afford—and choose to pay for—higher quality food.
The food writer Michael Pollan’s response to the question of health food elitism is a must-read. In it, he dissects a 2004 article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in which the difference in quality of calories your money can buy is incredibly vast.
Take for instance the fact that “one dollar spent in the processed food section of the supermarket — the aisles in the middle of the store — will buy you 1200 calories of cookies and snacks. That same dollar spent in the produce section on the perimeter will buy you only 250 calories of carrots. Similarly, a dollar spent in the processed food aisles will buy you 875 calories of soda but only 170 calories of fruit juice.”
For someone interested in eating healthily but struggling to feed their family, the choice is a difficult one. Do they buy the healthiest food products they can afford, and risk not having enough? Or do they stock up on junk, and avoid going hungry?
 In a perfect world, every calorie in the supermarket (or the farmers’ market, for that matter) would cost exactly the same. So families on a budget wouldn’t be forced to decide between less of the good stuff and more of the bad.
Pollan concedes that the “situation is a public problem and can be addressed only through public action,” that the exclusiveness surrounding wholesome foods of better quality brought on by higher prices will remain, as long as government policy fails to level the playing field between good calories and bad.
So what specifically can healthy food companies do to help remove the stigma of health food elitism?
They can help justify the higher price of eating well by using some of their advertising dollars to help educate families about the importance of nutrition.


There Are Now Health Insurance Coverage’s To Fit Any Budget

Think about private health insurance. A great deal of individuals count on the medical insurance they obtain from their task, when in fact it may not be great coverage at all. You might be able to discover a cheaper alternative and more health protection if you look for insurance by yourself.
Prioritize your issues. Do you want to stick with a certain physician or healthcare center? Do you desire the most affordable premiums? Do you have particular health requirements that need to be resolved? Once you make a list of your top priorities, you will certainly be able to limit the variety of medical insurance companies that are suitable for your requirements.
With an employer-sponsored health plan insurance strategy, your business needs to accept you, regardless of your health condition or pre-existing conditions. Without one, you have to look for private policies, meanings that your health will certainly be rigorously examined. Lots of states have personal medical insurance policies that are underwritten about your case history, smoking cigarettes status, weight, and age.

To safeguard yourself from being rejected coverage, take extra care when filling out your insurance coverage application. An easy error could be enough to have your entire policy rendered void. Complete the policy slowly and thoroughly, and triple check it to make sure there are no mistakes. It’s important that every step of your application is precise.

Importance of Eating Healthy Food in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food – a famous saying said by Hippocrates. This is a much needed quote to follow in today’s world. We all need healthy food to stay fit, and we generally assume that healthy foods are not that tasty. Remember that healthy food can also be tasty if cooked properly, and you should always know the importance of eating healthy food in your daily routines.  The main problem with our generation is the processed food, which makes us to leave the traditional and healthy food aside. You should stop adopting western food habits like pizza, burger, french fries, etc, as these foods are not at all suitable for our health condition at all. Some of these foods can cause serious damage to stomach, liver and whole body gradually. We all ignore the fresh fruits and home made traditional dishes by eating unwanted junk all the time.
This doesn’t mean you have to eat plenty of healthy food all the time, and keep yourself full trough out the day. Eating healthy food should also be limited to certain level, as eating too much of food might cause serious health issues sometimes. Doctors usually suggest us to drink a lot of water, as it contains amazing health benefits. So whatever you eat, make sure the quantity is limited, and chewed properly for better digestion.

Facts About Healthy Food

Eating  well balanced and healthy food can help you reduce or maintain your weight, and it can also reduce the risk of diseases. Food amount and variety has a big influence on your health.
Food is divided in different groups. It is very important to be careful and consume food from different groups. Being healthy means eating healthy food.
Food gives the body the energy needed for daily activities like walking, gym, playing football or riding a bike. It is also necessary for the normal body functions. However, no matter what age you are, it is very important to eat  healthy food.

It is never late to start eating healthy food and improve you eating habits.
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